Monday, September 26, 2005

Trying to Vyde

Every time I get the urge to contribute to Vyde, I end up having to do something else. Was out of town this past weekend, am gonna be really busy at work this week, have to come up with an exercise routine, and will be out of town again the weekend after this one. So not a lot of brainpower has gone toward Vyde lately, but a little bit has. I want the gameplay to include scanning, ala Metroid Prime. And that thought led me to remember that I want to include stats, too, ala GTA. I've got some ideas on the random world generator, but have not implemented anything yet. Finally seemed to have figured out the stuttering app problem; AMD's Cool 'n' Quiet technology seemed to be the culprit (or at least the root cause). Turned it off and haven't had any problems in a few days. I've started looking at basic DirectX tutorials, and continue to look for more. I have a feeling that if I can get a program drawing 1 textured triangle, I can get one drawing 12 (10 if you take out the "fourth wall" of a tile), and with 6-10 triangles I have a tile. With a tile abstraction I can start stringing tiles together. We're getting there. Just got a lot of other stuff to do. Yay hobby! BTW, found a nice article on the 5 things every RPG should have. I thought it was spot-on, and even insightful in places.


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