Sunday, July 03, 2005

Webcast Review: Basic Programming Concepts and Introduction to C#

Just finished watching the first webcast in the "Learn to Write C# the Fun Way" series at, titled "Basic Programming Concepts and Introduction to C#".

It was, as expected, very elementary, targeted strictly towards non-programmers. Some interesting factoids about the game industry, particularly sales figures and statistics.

Tried downloading the demo of the game, but when I run it I get a TypeInitializationException. Hopefully when we get to building the engine it will work better. This series is pretty recent -- May 2005 -- so I don't imagine this is a fundamental DirectX version problem or anything. We'll see.

There are 8 webcasts in the series, and it appears that each one is about an hour long. This one could have gone quicker if there weren't so many polls and redundancy.


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