Thursday, August 25, 2005


One more thought on that whole infinite playfield technology thing: I kept assuming that Vyde would have to be able to use the same frame of reference for all tiles. But that isn't the case. There's no reason the engine can't store playfields in separate files, then stitch those files together in real time. Games store different levels on disk as separate files all the time; Vyde's "levels" are just a little different in that they're created dynamically (and likely infrequently), with each level's bounds representing the minimum/maximum extents of a single "considerable" playfield. This would allow the game to be as infinite as possible for right now; the limitation becomes how many possible filenames (or files) a hard drive (or drive cluster) can index. My friend Adam sent me a spreadsheet recently detailing exactly how cheap drives are right now. :) Oh, and Happy Birthday to me. :)


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