Thursday, October 13, 2005

Progress & Nibbled to Death by Ducks

I know, it's hard to take the Vyde guy seriously when he updates so infrequently. I'm sorry about that. And Peter Molyneux is probably sorry too, he's responsible for most of my absence. Made a little bit of progress recently; finished the first four MDX tutorials in the August SDK, and was very pleased at how straightforward they were. Though there were a few differences between the example code and ended up actually compiling, nothing was unintuitive. So far I really like what Managed DirectX provides. What I'd like to try next is that rudimentary tunnel generator I was talking about earlier. I'd like to do a few things to improve my understanding of what I've worked with so far, like the path of execution of OnCreateDevice to OnCreateVertexBuffer, a conceptual understanding of vertex buffers in general, and a better understanding of PositionNormal vs. PositionColored vertex types. I have so little time for this right now. Groan.


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